is one of the important areas of veterinary medicine, as most pets are susceptible to a whole range of skin diseases. The condition of the skin, wool and claws is an important indicator of animal health, and therefore, it is not worth neglecting visits to a dermatologist.

The appearance of dermatological problems can be a number of signs:

  • Loss of hair,
  • Inflammation,
  • Redness, the appearance of scaly or wet skin,
  • Signs of itching and discomfort,
  • Sharp deterioration of the condition of wool, claws, ears.

When these symptoms appear, you need urgently contact to dermatologist: often skin diseases are quite dangerous.

Correct and competent diagnosis is the key to successful treatment of your pet!

That is why in our clinic doctors use complex diagnostics for each patient using special diagnostic tests and laboratory tests.

Important to remember, that for a visit to a dermatologist, you need to prepare a little, namely, to sustain a 10-12-hour hunger diet for your pet.

Often, the treatment of dermatological diseases takes a certain period of time and depends on their nature. Therefore, for effective treatment, the responsible owner needs to gain a little patience.

After all, the task of our doctors is to help your animal not only to cope with external manifestations of the disease, but to identify and eliminate the source of the disease!