Ultrasound / X-ray


In veterinary practice, the method of ultrasonic diagnostics was widely used due to its simplicity, but at the same time, its accuracy and reliability. The advantage of this method is also the low invasiveness and the possibility of conducting research in dynamics. In our clinic we diagnose diseases of the abdominal cavity organs using modern equipment from Mindray.

Radiography is a method of diagnosis based on obtaining images of organs and tissues on a special film or digital carrier when passing through the body of an animal X-Ray). This is an indispensable method of diagnosis for lesions of bones and joints, lungs, certain organs of the abdominal cavity, when searching for foreign objects or traumatic injuries.

In our clinic, we can quickly perform the X-ray diagnostics on an analogue media tape.

The X-ray method represents the highest diagnostic value in the study of:

  • Bone tissue (fractures, developmental anomalies, neoplasms) and joints (dysplasia of Hip joint, rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament, Perthes disease, exfoliating osteochondrosis, etc.)
  • (Lungs, heart) - X-ray examination allows to identify or suspect many cardio pathologies, the presence of pathological effusion or free air (pneumothorax), a metastatic process in the lungs, diagnose pulmonary edema, pneumonia, tracheal collapse
  • Organs of the abdominal cavity - it is possible to diagnose a dynamic or mechanical (due to a foreign body) intestinal obstruction, acute expansion / curvature of the stomach, the presence of stones in the bladder.

In some situations, this or that method may be more preferable. For example, with the accumulation of fluid in the abdominal cavity, the informativity of radiography is significantly reduced and it is more appropriate to use ultrasound, and with a large volume of gas in the Gastrointestinal tract, echography is difficult, and this fact affects to a radiography on lesser extent.

We try very hard to persuade your pets to cooperate with the doctor, so we rarely apply anesthesia for ultrasound and x-ray diagnostics.