The therapeutic department of the clinic conducts patients around the clock. Every day, you can get to the reception by appointment or on a first-come first-serve basis.

Therapeutic department of the veterinary clinic "Dolina" is ready to offer you a huge range of therapeutic services: from elementary procedures (injections, sampling for analysis, vaccination, chipping) to the most complicated medical and diagnostic activities. A special place in the spectrum of our possibilities is occupied by the service of plasmapheresis, which is inaccessible in a large number of clinics of the country! Our specialists strive for new knowledge, constantly upgrading their skills, gaining access to the latest data of modern veterinary medicine.

If you have recently purchased a pet, or if you have questions about nursing, feeding and maintaining, you also need to visit a veterinary therapist. Doctor will examine the new pet and, if necessary, prescribe an outpatient examination, which will be aimed at excluding or early detection of diseases of genetically determined, or clinically not manifested in the early stages of the disease.

The physician of the therapy department will hold consultations on feeding, keeping and caring for your pet, which will help to maintain his health. He will help to give a tablet from worms to a disobedient pet, to trim claws, to clean ears, to cut a beak to a parrot. Doctor will carry out vaccination and talk about the prevention of various infectious and parasitic diseases, incl. Common to humans and animals, will give the eurocertification, necessary for export of the animal, will make electronic chipping.

At the disposal of the specialists of the therapeutic department of our clinic there is a huge arsenal of instrumental and laboratory diagnostic methods. To date, clinic has its own laboratory, which makes it possible to obtain research results in a short time, which often becomes decisive in the diagnosis and choice of the method of treatment for the animal.

Regular examination of the doctor is necessary for our animals as well as we do with ourselve

Prophylactic medical examination plays an important role in preventing diseases and improving the quality of life of our pets. A healthy animal must be visited by the veterinarian at least once a year for vaccination and routine preventive examination.